Man’s New Best Friend


Christmas Cactus, photographed by: Thomas Jewel

A fan, desk, chair and an English Ivy plant.

Many people go outside for a refreshing boost, but others bring the outdoors inside. What benefits do house plants provide?

While green thumbs easily jump upon owning another plant, others grudgingly decline killing more greenery.

From its benefits, owning a house plant may hopefully change the non-green thumbs views and patience.

People understand plants’ importance; they give flowers, they refresh the air and they provide fruit.

Plants naturally live outside, but three reasons why those delightful life-forms should be inside include:

  1. Purifies the air

People exhale carbon dioxide, which plants breathe; then plants exhale oxygen. During this gas exchange, plants filter the air, removing toxins and other harmful compounds. The plant’s roots release the filtered byproducts into the dirt it’s nestled in, creating nutrient rich soil.  Also, air becomes stagnant and flat inside rooms; plants create more oxygen, which freshens up the air.

  1. Moistens the air

Plants hydrate the air through transpiration. More water in the air reduces risks in dry skin, sore throats and colds. Moist air means refilling the humidifier less during the dryer seasons.

  1. Psychology and Health Benefits

Rooming with various “indoor” plants comes with multiple positive side-effects, including: decreasing blood pressure, easing anxiety, lowering stress, improving memory and concentration; reducing headaches, fatigue and sickness from flu-like symptoms.

Probable indoor plants listed: peace lily, golden pothos, English ivy, chrysanthemum, gerbera daisy, mother-in-law’s tongue, bamboo palm, azalea, red-edge dracaena, snake plant, philodendron and spider plant.

Although the long list provides numerous examples, many other suitable indoor plants exist.

To think a little plant could improve air quality, basic health, peoples’ psyche and a home’s color variation verses owning multiple energy-burning devices. House plants can be beneficial while promoting the inner green thumb.

Now, disobey Mom and bring the outdoors inside for a change.


Kissing an indoor plant by: Thomas Jewel

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