Carbon to Concrete


Most environmental concerns are with the air that we breath and all the floating CO2 emissions in it. Heavy traffic, coal power plants and factories produce CO2 emissions. As the years go by more and more people are concerned with the CO2 buildup within our atmosphere.

CO2 emissions not only fill the air we breathe but eat away the ozone while turning up the temperature in humanity’s bubble (Earth).

Why hasn’t humanity done a thing about this crisis? Who will stop or at least hinder this atmospheric problem before it worsens?

Lucky for mankind, one group of people are working hard to tackle the issue of CO2 emissions. The name of the group happens to be a company named, Calera Corp.

Calera Corp., addressed humanity’s problem, and found a way to channel this problem into something useful. Building materials, hits the list of necessities for an expanding society. “Concrete is the most popular building material in the world,” Shara Tonn of Wired Magazine wrote. With a progressing civilization like ours concrete grows more in demand.


Downtown Tucson, AZ : By Thomas Jewel

Calera Corp. discovered how to convert CO2 into concrete. Remarkable, a company turns flexible gas into a solid slab of concrete?

Calera Corp. gained the genius concept from the process of coral forming. Oceans naturally suck up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, once the carbon dioxide enters the water it dissolves into carbonate.

The coral combines calcium with carbonate (called calcium carbonate) to form its skeleton, a sturdy structure for the coral to live in/on.

Calera Corp. learned to mimic this process to create concrete. “Calera’s process removes CO2 from emitting sources by converting the gas into a solid form of calcium carbonate,” Calera Corp. wrote. Calcium carbonate, a powder, mixes with the cement batch to create the concrete.

Thanks to Calera Corp. the planet can last a little longer while supporting the growth of society. Another achievement in the balance between man and environment, thanks to Calera Corp.


Thatcher, AZ : By Thomas Jewel 



If you would like to learn more about Calera Corporation, visit their site:

You can also visit Wired Magazine to learn more about the Calera process:


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